Terms of Sale

Terms of Sale

When purchasing our product/s through our website, you hereby agree to be bound by these terms of sale:

  1. We will verify the legitimacy of your purchase based on your identity and fulfilment of payment. We may refuse to accept an order if there’s a strong possibility of misrepresentation or fraud.

  2. When you place an order or reservation through our website or other channels, this constitutes an intention to buy our product. However, for the purchase to be completed, we will need to have a verified payment from your side. We may cancel a paid order if there’s an error on the price paid, and in such case, we may ask the buyer to pay for the correct amount or just refund the initial payment should the buyer refuse to pay accordingly.

  3. Product/s sold by our company may be subject to applicable taxes. Shipping the book locally will be free of charge. International orders, however, will be charged accordingly with the corresponding shipping fees. Delivery/shipping of orders will be based on the courier’s standard delivery time.

  4. You may pay for purchased items through our website via PayPal or bank deposit. Other payment channels will be made available soon for your convenience.

  5. Unless stated otherwise in the terms, our product is sold “as is.” Return and/or exchange of purchased book will be limited under very special conditions deemed appropriate by the company.

  6. Returns may be made at buyer’s cost and are accepted only if the product is intact.

  7. Any claim you may have arising from your purchase must commence one (1) week after receipt of the product, otherwise such claim will no longer be honoured.

  8. Returns for purchases made from our partner retailers will be based on their respective return/ exchange policies.