Rules of Use

Rules of Use

The use of YALLA coupons (“Coupon/s”), and YALLA hotel coupons ("Hotel Coupon/s”), if any, will be governed by the following Rules of Use (the “Rules”).

In cases wherein there’s a conflict between the following Rules and any terms of use for the Coupons/Hotel Coupons, the following Rules shall govern.

1. Coupons

  1. Coupons can be redeemed from the specific partner merchant identified on the voucher and in accordance with Rules governing the use of Coupons. Should a merchant refuse acceptance of Coupons, please report immediately to for proper action.
  2. Valid Coupons can be redeemed daily during the merchant’s shop timings, except during holidays, and unless extreme circumstances warrant them to refuse acceptance.
  3. Coupons/Hotel Coupons are not convertible to cash and are non-transferable.
  4. Unapproved reproduction and resale of Coupons/Hotel Coupons is strictly prohibited. Sold or tampered Coupons/Hotel Coupons are rendered invalid.
  5. Coupons/Hotel Coupons included in the 2017 Yalla book are valid starting on December 1, 2016 until December 29, 2017. The succeeding Yalla books (2018 onwards) will have the regular validity period of one (1) year.

2. Food & Drink Vouchers

  1. Coupons are valid exclusively for the item stated and are not applicable in conjunction with any other deals, discount promotions, special items and/or events, and loyalty programs.
  2. Discounts do not extend to service charges.

2.1. Food & Drink Vouchers for Groups

  1. You can redeem one (1) Coupon as long as you are accompanied by one person when availing it, two (2) Coupons if there are four of you, and three (3) Coupons if you are a group of six or more.
  2. A maximum of three vouchers can be redeemed at one time per booking per group.
  3. Only one bill will be given per booking per group. No splitting of bills will be allowed.
    If the item offered is different from the other item, say, order one dessert and get a chocolate cake for free, the least expensive of the items will be deducted from the bill.

2.2. Present your Coupon prior to Ordering

  • Please present your Coupon prior to ordering to ensure that the merchant is available to accept the deal.

2.3. To-go & Delivery

  • All Coupons are not valid for to-go and delivery transactions

3. Health & Beauty Coupons

  • In general, you may redeem a Coupon even without an accompanying person, unless specified. You will pay for the full amount of the first service, and then the outlet will provide you with a voucher for your second service which will be free, unless it is stated in the Coupon that you may avail the complimentary service at one time, and as long as it is a different type of service. Or, you can book a visit with a friend and one of you gets to avail the free service.

4. Leisure & Entertainment Vouchers

  • Leisure and Entertainment Coupons are to be shared by two or more people during the same visit. The terms and conditions vary depending on the specific offer of the merchant, so it’s best to refer to the details specified on the Coupon.

5. Hotel Rules of Use

  1. Hotel Coupons are valid based on the specified accommodation’s best available rate.
  2. Hotel Coupons can only be redeemed on booked consecutive nights and is valid for only one complimentary night when one night of equal or greater value is availed.
  3. Hotel Coupons apply only to the room rate and excludes complimentary breakfast, unless otherwise stated.
  4. Only 1 Hotel Coupon may be used per room per stay. Booking should be made directly with the hotel to ensure availability of rooms. Advanced reservation is a must.
  5. Taxes and other charges, including tourism and government fees, are excluded.
  6. Hotel Coupons do not apply to corporate or conference rates, unless specified.
  7. Hotel Coupons do not cover airfare, airport transfer, unless specified.

6. Coupons/Hotel Coupons are not valid in conjunction with any other deals

  1. Coupons are not valid in conjunction with any other deals, discount promotions, special items and/or events, and loyalty programs. Under certain circumstances, the acceptance of Coupons will be on the discretion of the merchant.
  2. Discounts do not apply to service charges.

7. Exclusion Days

All Coupons/Hotel Coupons are available for redemption daily during the validity period, except during public holidays. Under certain circumstances, the acceptance of coupons will be on the discretion of the merchant.