Help and Faqs

Help and Faqs

YALLA is a new form of sales and marketing program which offers Buy One, Get One Free deals from its partner restaurants, beauty salons, spas, and many more! Think of it as a book of coupons. That’s what we do.

We follow the new trend of Digital and Traditional Marketing being employed in the USA, UAE, Africa, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. And now, we’re very proud to be the first company to bring the trend here in Pampanga. And soon, the entire Philippines.

The word “Yalla” is a common expression denoting “come on” or “let's get going” in the Arabic language. With our comprehensive compilation of coupons from hundreds of your favourite establishments, you’re sure to be always on your feet in pursuit of the best deals in town.

How exactly does Yalla work?

The first Yalla book features hundreds of participating business establishments in Pampanga offering various deals and discounts, mostly Buy One, Get One Free vouchers, which you simply detach from the book and present to the merchant prior to buying a product or availing a service. This is to give them a heads-up that you will be redeeming Yalla coupons during your visit. Make sure to fill out the back portion of the coupon prior to surrendering it to them.

What is the date of validity of the coupons?

Since the 2017 Yalla book is the first of its kind in the Philippine market, the validity date of the coupons will be from December 1, 2016 to December 29, 2017 as a special offer. The succeeding Yalla books (2018 onwards) will have the regular validity period of one (1) year.

How many coupons are included in the Yalla book?

The 2017 Yalla book includes hundreds of coupons from various business establishments in the province of Pampanga.

How do I search for my favourite merchants in the book?

You simply have to browse through the entire book which is neatly divided into several categories, i.e., Food and Drinks, Health and Beauty, Home and Office, Leisure and Entertainment, and so on. With Yalla, you’ll never have a hard time looking for the best deals in town!

How many coupons does every participating merchant have?

Each merchant is allotted a total of three (3) coupons in the book, which can either be an identical promo for all three coupons or a different promo for each one.

When can the coupons be redeemed?

All coupons are available for redemption daily during the validity period, except during public holidays. Under certain circumstances, the acceptance of coupons will be on the discretion of the merchant.

Where can I purchase the Yalla book?

You can purchase the book through our website. Upon receipt of your reservation/order, you will receive a call and/or e-mail regarding the payment options and delivery/ shipping details. Soon, a “My Cart” feature will be added complete with payment options. We will also partner with bookstores and select merchants around Pampanga to retail the book.

How much is the shipping fee for the book?

Shipping the book locally will be free of charge. International orders, however, will be charged accordingly with the corresponding shipping fees. Delivery/shipping of orders will be based on the courier’s standard delivery time.

Will the price of the book be discounted if I purchase it later in the year?

As much as we would like to apply discounts for late purchases, we’re afraid we cannot offer discounted rates to enable us to continue publishing this breakthrough product. However, we can hold special sale events throughout the year whenever the need arises.

Are there restrictions on the use of the coupons?

As a general guarantee, all coupons may be redeemed daily during the validity period, except during public holidays. Offers are not valid in conjunction with any other deals, discount promotions, special items and/or events, and loyalty programs. Under certain circumstances, the acceptance of coupons will be on the discretion of the merchant. Should a partner merchant cease operations during the validity period, Yalla will not be held accountable for unused coupons.

How many coupons can be redeemed in a store at one time?

You can redeem one (1) coupon as long as you are accompanied by one person when availing it, two (2) coupons if there are four of you, and three (3) coupons if you are a group of six or more.

What’s your return/exchange policy?

Since we only have one product as of this writing, which is the 2017 Yalla book, return and/or exchange of purchased book will be limited under very special conditions deemed appropriate by the company.

Are there plans to launch an App apart from the book?

Presently, Yalla is only available as a printed book. However, there are plans to launch an App in the coming years based on the reception of the public.

How can I reach you for questions, feedback, and suggestions?

You may send us an e-mail directly at or call us at 0915 377 8777 (Globe) and 0918 499 9991 (Smart). We’d love to hear from you!